Bosch SDS-plus-7 Drill Bit

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Product Description

Bosch SDS-plus-7 drill bits provide accurate holes, even through rebar, whilst still being particularly durable. This Bosch SDS hammer drill bit has a solid tungsten carbide head with four-cutter geometry making it extremely robust. The main cutter is supported by the secondary cutters during drilling – this causes the concrete to be broken down into smaller particles, making it virtually impossible for the bit to get jammed in concrete with rebar. The result is a fast but smooth drilling action.


  • 3x lifetime and precise drilling even in rebar
  • 5-cutter full head carbide: Shaped cutters for highest demolition force, exceptional lifetime and best wear resistance; no jamming in rebar
  • Activeteq: Active centring tip for active cutting in concrete
  • 2 + 2 flute design: Vibration-optimised flute design for the best power transfer and speed

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