BX2PY6-63 Industrial AVS

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Over & Under Voltage Relay is a new generation of household electrical equipment protector, made by our company according to current city power condition. The control circuit is made up of imported elements. The product is made according to the modularization standard. It is of excellent and reliable performances and can work normally under abnormal voltage. This series of product is of compact structure and beautiful appearance.

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Model: BX3PY Rated AC voltage 380V and frequency 50Hz/60Hz

Standard: IEC60947-2 Rated voltage(V): AC 380V

Max. passing current(A): 20, 32, 40

Max. loading power: 22.8kva

Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Over voltage action cut of : >460+/- 15VAC

Electricity transmitting delay after cut off: 30-120 seconds

Self power consumption: ≤ 2W Mechanical life: 100 000 times


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