Dust Mist Respirators

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Dust Mist Respirators

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Product Description

With polypropylene (P.P.) outer layers provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibers.
Fringe seal avoids open layer around the edges, latex-free synthetic rubber headstrap.
Contour design ensures the compatibility of glasses/goggles and reduces fogging.
Soft close-cell nose foam and adjustable nosepiece ensure custom shape and increase the worker comfort and acceptance.

For protection against low-to-average toxicity harmful solid, liquid and smoke containing the following materials in concentrations up to 12 x OEL or 10 x APF, such as calcium carbonate, china clay, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, ferrous metals, vegetable oils, hardwood, glass fibers, plastic, carbon, mineral oils, quartz, aluminum, bacteria, fungi and mycobacterium tuberculosis (T.B.).
Recommended applications: textile industry, craft work, iron and steel industry, mining, underground civil engineering, woodworking, welding work, cutting and casing of metals, hospital, laboratory and disease control….etc.


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