Industrial Plugs and Sockets

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Product Description

Industrial Plug E4-013 16A, 220V, 2P+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-113 16A, 220V, 2P+E,IP44
Industrial Plug E4-014 16A, 380V, 3P+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-114 16A, 380V, 3P+E,IP44
Industrial Plug E4-015 16A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-115 16A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP44
Industrial Plug E4-023 32A, 220V, 2P+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-123 32A, 220V, 2P+E,IP44
Industrial Plug E4-024 32A, 380V, 3P+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-124 32A, 380V, 3P+E,IP44
Industrial Plug E4-025 32A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP44
Industrial Socket E4-125 32A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP44
Plug EPL-033 63A, 220V, 2P+E,IP67
Socket(surface type) ESO-133 63A, 220V, 2P+E,IP67
Plug EPL-034 63A, 380V, 3P+E,IP67
Socket(surface type) ESO-134 63A, 380V, 3P+E,IP67
Plug EPL-035 63A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP67
Socket(surface type) ESO-135 63A, 380V, 3P+N+E,IP67

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