Magic Saw 12 in 1 multi-function Use

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Product Description

Suitable for: sawing, PVC, plastics, metals, ceramics, tiles, etc.
Hacksaw: 150 mm
Cutter diamond saw: 150 mm
Wood cutter: 180 mm
Model: Multipurpose
Pilot Material: High Carbon Steel
Total length: 25 (mm)
Width: 13 (mm)
Pitch: 1 (mm)
Thickness: 1 (mm)
Saw width: 1.5 (mm)
Tooth length: 2 (mm)
The package includes: 1 cutting head, 6 hacksaws, 2 Emery saw blade, 1 Wood saw blade,  1 Positioning center punch and 1 glass cutter.
1. saw case: external sill on the glass recess, installation of a different saw is possible, it can be easily cut together with manual force, without power, you can achieve the jigsaw function;
2. steel pilot: you can see the metal, for example, copper, aluminum, iron, nails, etc., can be bent at any angle, can see the various bends and the modeling process;
3 wood pilots: 16 cm effective cutting distance, suitable for various types of wood, plastic, PVC and other processing,
4. emery peeling: used for cutting glass-ceramic and ceramic tiles, it can be cut with round and various bends, using the Rosette pipe and special assembly;
5. Chong positional center: it is used for drilling ceramic tiles, floor tiles and wall tiles to avoid defects, that the drill hole is easy to crack and collapse and is accurate;
6. glass roller head: unique roller design, can cut various bends of glass, ceramic tile, etc., more durable than ordinary glass cutter.

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