ST3P Timer Relay

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Technical Data

Classification Multi Range Timer
Model ST3P
Dimensions 50H×40.5W×57.5D
Mounting & Socker Surface(-N) PF083A(E)
Flush(-Y) US-08, P3G-08
Full Timing Range A: 0.05~0.5s, 5s, 30s, 3m
B: 0.1~1s, 10s, 60s, 6m
C: 0.5~5s, 50s, 5min, 30m
D: 1~10s, 100s, 10m, 60m
E: 0.05~1m, 10m, 60m, 6h
F: 0.25~2m, 20m, 2h, 12h
G: 0.5~4m, 40m, 4h, 24h
Rated Voltage 24 ~ 240VAC/DC
DC(V): 12, 24
AC(V): 110, 220V
Indicator Operating ON, UP Operating
O/P Contact Model ST3PA ST3PC
Time Limit 1C 5A
Time Limit 2C 5A
Instantenous 1C 5A
Life Mechanical 5×107times
Electrical 105times
Accuracy Repea Error ±2% Max.
Setting Error ±5% Max.
Voltage Error ±5% Max.
Temp. Error ±2% Max.
Reset Time 0.5 Sec. Max.
Consumed Power 2VA
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Ambent Huminity 35~85%RH
Weight 100g
Connection Diagrams & Timing Chart 33I 34I

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